The countdown for Christmas has begun. This is one of the most special times of the year, as walking in the streets brings memories of childhood and we can share time and activities with family and friends.

Fuengirola has been converted into a good sample of Christmas events to enjoy with the family, no matter your age. Many activities had been organized for this year, making it worth to spend a few days of leisure in this municipality.

Among the events we can attend, we have made a selection of the most outstanding:

From 12th of December, until the 6th of January.

IV Sweet Christmas Edition At the participating business you will be able to taste hot chocolate, tea, coffee or herb tea, with churros, cake or candy.

  • Only 2 euros.
  • Organised by: Concejalía of  Comercio, Concejalía Fiestas and Participación Ciudadana.

Saturday, 17th of December

17.30 h. Christmas Party of Guadebro

The neighbours of  Plaza Islas Baleares will hold a children’s theater play recreating the birth of  Jesus of Nazareth (live nativity set). There will be a tasting of typical Christmas baking and sweets.

  • Place: Plaza Islas Baleares.
  • Organised by: Asociación de vecinos de Guadebro.

Monday, 19th of December

19.00 h. Christmas Concert “Pastoral Santa Fe de Los Boliches”

Free tasting of Churros and hot chocolate.

  • Place: Plaza del Carmen de Los Boliches.
  • Organised by: Concejalía de Fiestas and Participación Ciudadana.

Wednesday, 21st of December

17.30 h. Christmas carols Concert by Colegio María Auxiliadora.

  • Place: Palacio de la Paz.

Friday 23rd of December

20.30 h. Municipal Music Band Christmas Concert.

  • Place: Palacio de la Paz.
  • Organised by: Concejalía de Cultura.

From 23rd of December 2016 to 4th of January 2017.

The Three Wise Men emissary will receive the letters of Fuengirola children.

The aim of this idea is to get closer to people and increase the Christmas spirit of children by giving their letters to the Three Wise Men. This important task is carried out by the royal page of King Baltasar, always accompanied by its guards and hosted in a big royal nomad tent full of luxurious details and ready to receive the families. Furthermore, all the children who bring their letters and are between 3 and 11 years old will receive an annual ticket to visit Bioparc Fuengirola

  • Opening time: from 23rd of December to 4th of January.
  • From 11.00 to 15.00 and 16.30 to 21.00. Days 24th and 31st of December only in the morning and closed on days 25th of December and 1st of January.

Saturday, 24th of December

24.00 h. Traditional Midnight Mass.

The Mass will be celebrated in all Fuengirola churches (except for Parroquia Ntra. Sra. Del Rosario where it will be at 19.30)

Thursday, 29th of December

20.00 h. Christmas fire

The Great Christmas Fire will be celebrated as in previous years in Plaza de la Constitución, where we will be able to enjoy the choir Pastoral Santa Fe de Los Boliches and the choir Hermandad Del Rocío of Fuengirola.

  • Place: Plaza de la Constitución.
  • Organised by: Concejalía de Fiestas y Participación Ciudadana.
  • Churros and hot chocolate will be offered.

Saturday, 31st of December

23.00 h. New Year’s party.

In order to say goodbye to year 2016, Plaza de España will hold a big party with a music animation show by Punto y Aparte Orchestra. During the party, everyone will be given a gift bag, cider tasting and the lucky twelve grapes.

  • Organised by: Concejalía de Fiestas y Participación Ciudadana.

Tuesday, 3rd of January

11.00 h. Medieval Party.

Free medieval activities.

  • Place: Avenida Condes de San Isidro y calle San Antonio.
  • Organised by: Concejalía de Fiestas y Participación Ciudadana.

Wednesday, 4th of January

16.00 h. Christmas Party.

Reception of royal pages, activities for children, mime, juggling, bubbles blowing show, photocall, cartoon characters…

  • Place: Palacio de la Paz.
  • Organised by: Concejalía de Fiestas y Participación Ciudadana.

Thursday, 5th of January

17.30 h. The Great Three Wise Men Parade

25 spectacular floats will participate in the parade with original music being played.

  • Organised by: Concejalía de Fiestas y Participación Ciudadana.

If you want to see more events, you can read this document in English and in Spanish!

Mediterráneo Real team takes the opportunity to wish you a very merry Christmas.